Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Sunrise.

Blog Maturén has been, since July 2008, the representation of the web 2.0 in the Spanish-speaking world; where Venezuelan, Latin-American and world-wide marketers, advertisers and colleagues found one of the first Spanish-speaking blog dedicated truly to understand the big technological wave the world is surfing.

When we (Luis Maturén and I) started with this enterprise, the hunting of new ideas around the web, in order to get soaked with all what is happening, was our first objective. Only a few months later, we can look back and see how our perception of the world has change: now any inspiration and motivation we could give you –our (new) readers and colleagues— is a primal objective in this share journey.

In this new English-twin blog of “Blog Maturén” we will post what we consider the most interesting articles of the Spanish version and we will create new and fresh exclusive content for this blog. Naturally, now we expect to gain a wider reception around the world –posting also in English—, becoming truly universal.

Welcome and blog, blog, blog it all.

Andrés Maturén